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Most people don’t think much about their home’s doors and windows. However, these components are more critical than you may realize. They can drastically impact your well-being, property value, and more. Let’s review why you should care about your windows and doors.

Property Value

Homeowners planning to sell their homes should carefully consider the window and door products they purchase because they can last a long time. Quality windows and doors can last for decades with proper service. That means they’ll likely still be there if you sell your home years from now, and they can help attract buyers. Always consider the return on investment.

Natural Light

Windows and doors let natural light into your home, helping improve your mental health. There’s nothing like sipping coffee as the warm sunshine filters through your new glass doors. Natural light can boost productivity, make you feel more alert, and help bring some of the outside beauty into your home.

Enhanced Security

Burglars usually try to enter your home through the doors and windows. Old, outdated windows are easy to slide up. They can be broken quickly. Thieves can easily get through old sliding patio doors, too. Modern doors and windows have modern security features to help keep your family protected.

Energy Efficiency

Homes lose much of their hot and cold air through old windows and doors. Drafty windows can easily let cold air inside during harsh winters, increasing energy usage. Old doors often have seals that need to be replaced, resulting in higher energy bills. Investing in upgrades can help you save money and reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. For example, according to Houshia, window awnings can reduce heat from the sun by up to 65% on south-facing windows and up to 77% on west-facing windows.

More Curb Appeal

Homeowners should carefully consider the windows or doors they select for their homes. You can easily find doors that complement your home’s architectural style to guarantee your home looks beautiful. This can help you take pride in your home and increase its property value.

At Jon’s Window & Awning, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect window and door products for your home. Our professional sales representatives are packed with knowledge about our products to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. A few of our most popular products include patio doors, folding doors, aluminum windows, and fiberglass windows. Contact us today to learn more.

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