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Fine wood windows

Paramount Wood Windows and Doors

At Paramount Window & Doors, building a fine product and company is synonymous with caring about their people, distributors and the environment. They endeavor to blend all these aspects into a company that excels at delivering the best windows and doors. 

To preserve this vision to produce top-quality wood products, Don McFarland still walks the shop daily to insure that every window and door meets his high quality standards. 

Paramount Windows are always built to your specifications.

Standard windows such as casement, sliding and double hung windows are especially competitive in price, with very short lead times.

Double Hung

Horizontal Sliding Windows


Bay Windows

Old World Craftsmanship and Today’s Technology

Paramount exceeds the quality standards for wood windows and doors.

We start with only the finest natural wood materials. They are stored indoors to prevent moisture and sun damage before they are sealed.

Mill: All defects are removed or discarded in the cutting and planning process.

Frame: Precision cutting and attention to detail creates custom parts that are exact. This is not only aesthetic; it also creates tight window frames.

Sash: Joints are so strong that the wood fails before the joint does. We cope and dowel all joints, glue the entire surface, and wood weld each joint, using the latest wood welding technology. We use the best of old-world craftsmanship and the newest technology together.

Glass: All glass is inspected in our facility to ensure that there are no scratches or imperfections. We use two part polyurethane seals and one part primary seals.

Balances: We use only the authentic and original Acme Duplex built-in balances.

Arches and radius windows are carefully engineered to specifications. We use the finest quality hand selected materials, and pneumatic bending technology and special glue to build each radius for a perfect fit to the windows. Our quick turn-around times do not sacrifice top quality.

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