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elegant, timeless look

Bring your ultimate vision to life with stunning french doors

French doors have an artistic appeal that accomplishes an elegant, timeless look inside or outside your home. They can open to the interior and maintain usable space on the outside of the door. Choose from a hide selection of grid options  to create the look of individual lites.

French Doors are exquisite way to allow natural light to fill your home

Whether your home is traditional, modern or rustic, French doors can work in your space. The difference between a standard patio door and a French door is the thickness of the lower rail. It’s wider than the top and sides, which gives it a look that stands out.  We offer a wide range of products and styles for you to choose from. Call us today and can help you find the best solution for your home. 


We're proud to offer the best french door products available in the industry
Custom made doors
French patio doors have come a long way in their ability to complement the look and style of your home. Learn how Milgard custom made french doors can help you add character to your home and make a statement.
French Doors
Energy efficient and strong

Win-Dor’s durable and low-maintenance swing door system is considered among the highest quality doors in America.

WinDor’s French Doors combine a contemporary sash with aluminum reinforcement, allowing for a strong, yet low maintenance, affordable high quality swing door system that will create a grand focal point in any room.

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