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When it comes to sliding patio doors, you don't want just any door

Your home deserves sliding patio doors that operate easily for years of trouble-free use and looks great. That’s why Jon’s Window and Awning offers a wide spectrum of patio doors in vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood, each designed to make a statement in virtually any home. Create a one-of-a-kind entrance that will wow with a new patio door in Burbank.

Sliding patio doors are one of the most popular features of any home.

They provide convenient access while creating unimpeded views that flood interior spaces with natural light. While old-style patio doors were notorious for heat loss, leakage and poor security, modern doors offer significant improvements. Frames and glass are more energy efficient, many products incorporate multi-point locking mechanisms for better security and sophisticated flashing packages prevent leakage.

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a patio door, let Jon’s Window and Awning help you make the right choice for your home.


We're proud to offer the best sliding patio door products available in the industry

Custom made patio doors

Sliding patio doors have come a long way in their ability to enhance the look and style of your home. Learn how Milgard custom made patio doors can help you add character to your home and make a statement

Sliding patio doors

Choose from thousands of design and color combinations

Whether you’re building a new home or re-imagining an existing one, Ply Gem has the patio door for you. With innovative designs, inspiring colors and advanced materials, our swinging or sliding patio doors will open a world of possibilities for your home. Grasp the handle, open your door and take comfort in knowing you made the right decision.


Energy efficient and strong

Win-Dor’s innovative, durable and low-maintenance sliding glass door system is considered one of the best values in America. The highest quality at a fair cost.

Their sliding glass doors are extremely energy efficient, very strong and structurally sound. Their unique blend of rigid aluminum framing with a long-lasting, low maintenance vinyl capping creates a unique combination not available from other manufacturers.

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