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​Infinity Canopy

Infinity Canopy’s patented slide-on-wire design is the most versatile of its kind. Created with the goal to provide customizable designs, the canopy’s modular design allows it to be adapted to any space, color, and style. It can be modified within minutes to create a new pattern or color scheme to match changing tastes – even on existing pergolas.

Instead of having to deal with custom slide-on-wire canopies offered by other companies, Infinity Canopy’s design delivers style and convenience of effortlessly fitting any space. 


Infinity Canopy transforms the traditional custom-made, awning option into an innovative shade system that is versatile, adaptable and affordable for homeowners!

Infinity Canopy is the first and only slide-on-wire canopy system that is ready to install out of the box and because of its unique modular design it can fit any space and be easily modified to meet your design and shade needs.

With Infinity Canopy you can:

  • Create a single or multi-colored canopy.
  • Create a canopy of uniform or varying width sections.
  • Control the flatness and bellowing of each panel.
  • Lock individual panels in place or remove panels for permanent shade or open space.
  • Add vertical panels to either or both ends for additional shade and privacy.
  • Open and close your canopy from either direction.
  • Install indoors to cover unfinished ceilings, rafters and air ducts.
  • Add accessories to enhance and add new functions to your canopy (coming soon).
Infinity Canopy can be modified at any time:

Add or remove panels to increase or decrease the size of your canopy. Change your canopy’s color and design within minutes. Quickly replace any damaged sections. Remove and reinstall your canopy for cleaning, repairs or winterization.

Enhance your outdoor space and living space and get the most out of your investment.  Infinity canopy provides  function, beauty, and versatility that custom made systems, umbrellas and other outdoor shade systems can never match.