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affordable sun protection


Over the years, SamTamer has worked hard to perfect their products—from designing and casting our own proprietary parts, to cutting our own fabric—you could say, they make everything from scratch. This ownership of their parts and materials allows us to deliver a superior product, at an affordable price.

SunTamer is proud of their tradition of excellence—not only in product quality but also customer service. 

Since 1978, our SunTamer line of retractable awnings and retractable awning hardware have made us the industry leader.

Certainly, we realize that choosing retractable awnings for your space is a significant decision. It’s important to us that you have all the information you need to make the right choice for you. Please let us help by answering any questions you have or scheduling a convenient time for us to visit if you are in the Burbank or Los Angeles area and discuss your unique needs in person. You are also always welcome to visit our showroom in Burbank.

SunTamer has engineered the most durable and flexible awning system on the market, using the strongest materials and most sophisticated arm design.

Their Continental retractable awning allows you to reclaim your outdoor living space by creating shade when you need it, or retracting the unit to let the sun in when you want it. When the awning is retracted, it is completely out of view from the inside of your home. Contact us for your free quote. 

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