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open up your living space

Enjoy the best of indoor-outdoor living with folding doors

Folding and bi-fold patio doors connect the indoors and out. Many options are available that can make your home stand out from the rest. When you see a bi-fold door in action for the first time, the possibilities will unfold before your eyes. Bringing the outdoors in or protecting your space from the elements, a bi-fold patio door will deliver everytime.

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Moving Expectations and Possibilities

Open up to an entirely new way to look at luxury. Milgard® Moving Glass Wall Systems are an innovative way to experience indoor outdoor living. Aspirational, yet realistic, these folding doors seamlessly transition between dreams and reality.


We're proud to offer the best folding door products available in the industry

Moving Glass Wall Systems

Enjoy the best of indoor-outdoor living with Milgard’s Bi-Fold Moving Glass Walls. Available in custom and standard sizes, add Bi-Fold Glass Walls to your home for a beautiful and modern look. All aluminum frames and panels are thermally broken with a full weather-stripped structural interlock system for the best in energy efficiency.

moving glass wall systems Multi-slide doors
Multi-slide doors

Innovative, durable and low maintenance

Unlike other manufacturers who solely use aluminum, vinyl or wood when manufacturing their folding door systems, Win-Dor has combined both vinyl and aluminum to offer our customers something special.

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