custom interior shutters

A comfortable and inviting home environment can do wonders for your mood and outlook. The right decor not only reflects your personal style but also creates an atmosphere that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed, which is one of the key reasons why the interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenue every year, according to Brandon Gaille. One simple yet impactful way to achieve this is with custom interior shutters. Here are some tips to help you create a comfortable atmosphere using interior shutters.

Choose the Right Materials

When selecting custom interior shutters, consider which materials will promote comfort. Wood shutters made from basswood or poplar add warmth and a natural element. Composite materials like faux wood are a durable and low-maintenance option. Soft, fabric roller shades also contribute to a laid-back ambiance. Whichever you choose, opt for shutters that suit the existing decor and give off a tranquil aura. Feel the materials in person if possible to get a sense of their effect.

Opt for Strategic Placement

Where you position interior shutters affects how they influence the mood. Cover windows in bedrooms or living areas where calm is key. Draw focus to beautiful views by framing windows with shutters in spaces like dining rooms. Avoid closing off or hiding light sources to prevent a gloomy feeling. The right placement balances privacy, light control, and visibility. Visit the room at different times of the day to find the prime spots for your shutters. Thoughtful shutter placement transforms the mood.

Adjust Lighting and Airflow

Beyond their look, how shutters make you feel depends on lighting and airflow. Open slatted shutters during the day to let in natural light. Opt for wider louvers to allow more illumination. Draw them closed at night or for privacy while still permitting some light. Proper ventilation is also important for comfort. Louvered shutters promote airflow while blocking UV rays and glare. Consider operable models to control ventilation. Finding the right balance between light and air keeps the space fresh and inviting.

Creating a relaxed ambiance with interior shutters is all about choosing shutters with natural, cozy materials, positioning them strategically to control light and views, and adjusting louvers to allow proper lighting and airflow. With custom interior shutters, you have lots of options to create an environment perfect for unwinding. A comfortable home offers a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life. With the right shutters in the right spots, your rooms can become sanctuaries of relaxation. Call us today at Jon’s Window & Awning to get an estimate for new interior shutters.

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