How to Find the Perfect Level of Privacy at Home

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Finding the right balance of privacy and security with your home’s doors, windows, and shutters can take some thought and planning. Let’s break down a few factors to consider as you decide what upgrades make the most sense for your space and budget.

Prioritize the Areas That Matter Most

Take some time to carefully evaluate each room in your home. Where do you and your family spend the most time? Which spaces hold valuable possessions or sensitive documents? Make a detailed list and note exactly why certain areas are higher priorities. For example, you may want top-of-the-line windows for the master bedroom since that’s where you sleep at night, or reinforced doors for a home office that contains clients’ personal information. Really analyze your unique needs and lifestyle.

Budget Realistically

The average U.S. home improvement budget is $10,000-$15,000 according to Remodeling Magazine, though the median is closer to $6,500. Be realistic about what you’re able to set aside after examining your overall financial situation. Get quotes from multiple contractors to compare pricing, too. Home windows alone can range from a few hundred dollars each up to $2,000 or more depending on the type of glass, frames, hardware, and installation included. Consider breaking large projects into multiple phases if needed.

Balance Form and Function

You want security and privacy without sacrificing style. Explore the many attractive yet practical options available. For example, low-emissivity or “low-e” glass provides UV protection and insulation without appearing tinted from inside your home. Automated shutters can open and close at the push of a button for convenience and energy efficiency. Reinforced doors are made from strong composite materials that don’t look conspicuously armored.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

When possible, opt for upgrades that utilize your current wall openings and framing to avoid major structural work. Make the most of what already exists structure-wise before tackling more extensive remodels.

Taking the time to thoughtfully consider all these factors will lead you to the ideal privacy, security, and design solutions within your budget. The end result will have you feeling safe, comfortable, and at peace for many years to come. Call us now at Jon’s Window & Awning to learn more about getting the privacy you deserve in your home with quality home windows, doors, and shutters.

How to Create a Comfortable Atmosphere Using Interior Shutters

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A comfortable and inviting home environment can do wonders for your mood and outlook. The right decor not only reflects your personal style but also creates an atmosphere that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed, which is one of the key reasons why the interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenue every year, according to Brandon Gaille. One simple yet impactful way to achieve this is with custom interior shutters. Here are some tips to help you create a comfortable atmosphere using interior shutters.

Choose the Right Materials

When selecting custom interior shutters, consider which materials will promote comfort. Wood shutters made from basswood or poplar add warmth and a natural element. Composite materials like faux wood are a durable and low-maintenance option. Soft, fabric roller shades also contribute to a laid-back ambiance. Whichever you choose, opt for shutters that suit the existing decor and give off a tranquil aura. Feel the materials in person if possible to get a sense of their effect.

Opt for Strategic Placement

Where you position interior shutters affects how they influence the mood. Cover windows in bedrooms or living areas where calm is key. Draw focus to beautiful views by framing windows with shutters in spaces like dining rooms. Avoid closing off or hiding light sources to prevent a gloomy feeling. The right placement balances privacy, light control, and visibility. Visit the room at different times of the day to find the prime spots for your shutters. Thoughtful shutter placement transforms the mood.

Adjust Lighting and Airflow

Beyond their look, how shutters make you feel depends on lighting and airflow. Open slatted shutters during the day to let in natural light. Opt for wider louvers to allow more illumination. Draw them closed at night or for privacy while still permitting some light. Proper ventilation is also important for comfort. Louvered shutters promote airflow while blocking UV rays and glare. Consider operable models to control ventilation. Finding the right balance between light and air keeps the space fresh and inviting.

Creating a relaxed ambiance with interior shutters is all about choosing shutters with natural, cozy materials, positioning them strategically to control light and views, and adjusting louvers to allow proper lighting and airflow. With custom interior shutters, you have lots of options to create an environment perfect for unwinding. A comfortable home offers a peaceful retreat from the stresses of everyday life. With the right shutters in the right spots, your rooms can become sanctuaries of relaxation. Call us today at Jon’s Window & Awning to get an estimate for new interior shutters.

Making Your Patio a Focal Point of Your Home


Your patio is one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior, and it has a direct impact on your curb appeal. If you’re looking to boost your patio’s aesthetics and make it a better focal point for your home, here’s how you can do just that.

Add a New Sliding Door

According to Statista, over 40% of all American homeowners used outdoor spots (like patios) to entertain guests. As the host, you want to make sure that your guests can easily access your patio and come in and out of the house. A new sliding door with gorgeous framing can be a great way to not only make it simpler for guests to make their way outside to relax and unwind but also to make your patio stand out.

Install a Sunbrella Awning

If your patio is feeling a little drab and you think it needs a little bit of personality, a Sunbrella awning is a great way to add that bit of pizzazz. Sunbrella awnings come in a wide range of colors, so you can feel confident knowing that they’ll match your outdoor furniture. What’s more, they offer what patios often lack: sun protection. You can relax out on your patio without having to worry about UV rays or sunburn. Sunbrella awnings are also UV-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about their color fading.

Use a SunTamer

If you like the idea of an awning but prefer something that you can retract, a SunTamer is the ideal choice for you. These awnings are highly durable, flexible, and stylish, giving you the opportunity to make your patio stand out without having to sacrifice functionality.

Integrate a Zone Concept

Here’s a great way to make your sitting area stand out: utilize zones. What do we mean by zones? Have one section decorated a certain way (such as using an outdoor area rug) and contrast these areas with each other to produce a fascinating style. Base each area on certain uses, like kitchen decorations for grill areas, to create a style nobody will forget. Coverings such as awnings or infinity canopies can also designate the sitting area, so it feels stylishly separated from your grilling space.

By upgrading your patio in this way, you can transform your yard and greatly improve your home’s value. Everything you do to your patio should add real value to a house and your lifestyle. Thankfully, our team can help you upgrade many areas of your home, including windows, doors, and awnings, to ensure you’re as happy with your home as possible. For more information on how our services can boost your home’s curb appeal, contact Jon’s Window and Awning today.

Exploring the Eco-Friendly Nature of Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows

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Over the years, fiberglass and vinyl windows have quietly taken over the market. Why exactly are they so popular? Well, they’re amazingly efficient and great for the environment. If you’re still on the fence, here are several reasons why fiberglass and vinyl windows are a great option for you.

Sustainability and Durability

Whether you pick vinyl or fiberglass windows, you’re making an investment in longevity. Put simply, they last far longer (usually years) than other types, especially wood. According to The Spruce, fiberglass models last 38% longer than vinyl, giving you an amazing lifespan. The type you prefer will then vary based on which style you like most.

Amazing Insulation

Have you ever been sitting next to your windows and felt a draft that sent a shiver down your spine? Fiberglass and vinyl windows offer superior insulation strength to keep that draft from making its way into your home. They trap heat in the winter (keeping you cozy) and stop it from invading in the summer (minimizing sweltering temperatures). That’s a huge benefit for many reasons. Not only does it keep your home comfortable but it also keeps your HVAC system from using a greater amount of energy to maintain indoor temperatures. As a result, you save money on your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lower Energy Production

The thing about windows is that they’re like any other product: manufacturing is necessary. By that, we mean a window specialist builds them for you, and that can create waste during the building process. However, fiberglass and vinyl windows are typically much easier to produce, and they generate less waste (especially in recycling). This helps to reduce the amount of materials sent to landfills, which enables you to better protect the environment when you choose to have these window options installed in your home or commercial property.

These benefits make fiberglass and vinyl windows an excellent investment, no matter what your budget, especially if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint one home improvement at a time! If you’re interested in installing brand-new windows to keep your energy costs down and your home comfortable this season, don’t hesitate to contact us at Jon’s Window & Awning today. We’re available to answer any window-related questions you may have!