3 Reasons to Add Awnings to Your Home Windows

Are you looking for the perfect home update that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal? If so, incorporating awnings into your exterior design is an excellent choice. Let’s take a closer look at three major incentives to invest in this upgrade.

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy bills can add up quickly, so it’s important to take whatever steps you can to keep them down. Installing awnings is a simple way to keep the harsh rays of the sun out of your home, ensuring rooms don’t overheat. This will become especially important in the summer months. With the right awnings, you won’t need to blast your AC 24/7, and this can go a long way toward keeping your monthly home budget down. With the money you save this way, you may even be able to invest in additional home upgrades!

2. Protection From the Elements

Precipitation like rain and hail can take a toll on outdoor furniture, and without proper protection, it can easily degrade over time. Installing an awning over these items will help keep them safe from harm. Your indoor furniture can also be damaged by UV rays on sunny days. According to Houshia, awnings can reduce heat from the sun by up to 65% on south-facing windows and up to 77% on west-facing windows. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to protect your belongings from the elements and enjoy them for years to come.

3. Curb Appeal

In addition to offering practical benefits, awnings can give your home’s aesthetics a subtle boost without completely changing the appearance of your property. Neighbors and visitors will love the look of your new awning, and when it comes time to sell your home, this upgrade is an easy way to make your property more appealing to buyers. With multiple designs and colors to choose from, you should have no difficulty finding an awning style that flawlessly complements your exterior decor.

Are you ready to take your home to the next level with a new awning? If so, you’ll need to choose the right professionals for your awning installation. At Jon’s Window & Awning, we offer an extensive range of gorgeous awnings, and our customer service is second to none. Contact us today or fill out our convenient online form to request a quote. We look forward to working with you!

4 Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

new home windows

Is it time for new home windows? If you want to replace old windows with more efficient ones that can last a long time, consider fiberglass. Read on to learn more about the pros of installing fiberglass windows.

1. Durability and Strength

Do you want windows that can last a long time? According to The Spruce, fiberglass windows, often last 38% longer than vinyl windows. In some cases, they can last as long as 50 years. Their strength is likely the reason for such longevity. Fiberglass can resist chips and cracks better than other window materials, so you can have peace knowing that these windows won’t shatter easily and will go a long way in helping to protect your home.

2. More Glass

Since they’re stronger, the design of new home windows made from fiberglass allows more glass and less frame. If you enjoy large windows that supply vast sunlight or natural views, this material is a good choice. You may even be inspired to build an entire sunroom to get more vitamin D from the comfort of your home, thanks to fiberglass windows.

3. Energy Efficiency

Your home electrical expenditure can account for a significant portion of your home bills. You can reduce your spending by installing more energy-efficient features and upgrades. One of the best ways to preserve energy is by installing new home windows made from fiberglass. Windows play a major role in your home’s insulation and can prevent heat loss. Fiberglass windows are known for being top-notch options that can ease pressure on your HVAC system and lower energy bills.

4. Stable Temperature

If you have fiberglass windows, don’t stress out if the temperature in your home fluctuates. These windows won’t warp or bend over temperature fluctuations like others will. If you live in an area that has extreme weather or has seasonal weather that can go from hot to cold, your fiberglass windows can take it.

New home windows can offer numerous advantages, and fiberglass windows in particular are an excellent choice. Take advantage of the various styles these windows come in as you enjoy more energy efficiency, better temperature, and a larger glass surface. Are you ready to install new windows for the new year? Contact Jon’s Window & Awning today to learn more about our high-quality window options. We look forward to assisting you!