Choosing The Right Windows For Your Newly Built Home

Many decisions go into choosing the window for your newly built home. You may think that you can simply pick any window, and it will work out in the end, but there is a lot more to consider than just how it looks and fits with your home’s style. The windows you choose for your new house directly affect its energy efficiency, humidity control, natural light, and sound insulation. Here are some tips to help you choose the right ones for your home.

1. Ensure That They Have High Energy Efficiency Ratings

If you want to keep your heating and cooling costs down, make sure the windows you choose have a high energy efficiency rating. If you need some help deciding which window to get, it is best to consult with window installers who can assist you in choosing the right product that will suit your needs and budget.

2. Consider the Noise Reduction Factor

Noise pollution can be an issue if you are trying to live in a very densely populated area. If the windows of your house are not properly soundproofed, you may find yourself having problems with noise levels within your home, which can disrupt your everyday life. Make sure that you choose windows with good insulation qualities, specifically soundproofing properties, to ensure that your home is a secure and tranquil environment.

3. Excellent Frame Construction Is a Must

When buying windows, look at the frame construction because this will have a major impact on how long they last and how efficiently they operate. Some homeowners choose aluminum frames because they tend to be lighter and stronger than other metals such as steel. However, you should look for aluminum frames that are sturdy to make sure they will not bend or warp over time.

4. Does the Style of Your Home Suit That of the Window?

The style of your windows should match the style of your home. If you have a house designed with certain materials and colors, then it is best to choose windows that have those same characteristics as well, or else they will stand out as an odd addition.

5. How Big Is the Window?

The size of the window is important to consider because you will want one that fits nicely into your home’s design but also has the light and ventilation qualities that you require for good living conditions. If there are multiple windows in the house, it may be wise to get them all custom-fitted to ensure that you get the perfect look.

Ensure You Hire the Right Window Installers

There are many factors to consider when you purchase windows for your home. For example, the popularity of decks and patios has only increased and was expected to reach a revenue of $783 million with a 3% growth that year. You will want to make sure that they complement the style of your house and meet all of your living requirements. Luckily, if you hire window installers with the right experience, they can help you choose windows that fit your needs and budget perfectly.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Fiberglass Window Care

windows and doors

New fiberglass windows and doors can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. As about 30% of heating energy in a house is lost via its windows, fiberglass is a great option to reduce this number. With proper care, they can last a long time as well. Caring for your home is simple. You are a few easy steps away from learning how to care for your new windows and doors.

Invest in Protection

If you have new doors installed along with your new windows, invest in door stops to keep the door from being damaged. For your windows, there should have been “stops” installed with them to keep windows from flying up and banging against the sash.

Cleaning Your New Windows, The Do’s

Fiberglass windows are great because you only need to put in very little effort to keep them looking new. You do want to hose down the frames periodically. All you need to return your windows to like-new condition is to hose down the frames and use a soft cloth to wipe away any stuck-on debris.

To clean the glass, use a “made for glass” cleaner and a soft cloth. You can wash the inside and the outside of the windows using a glass cleaner.

Never Do This to Clean Your Fiberglass Windows

To keep your fiberglass windows and doors looking great, never use harsh cleansers. Harsh abrasives and cleansers can leave micro scratches in the fiberglass and cause dirt to become trapped in the scratches.

Never use sharp or pointed objects to scrape the windows or doors, you can cause permanent damage to the window or door. Fiberglass is a highly durable material that is puncture resistant but not puncture-proof, and it is not impervious to being marred and scratched.

Chemical cleaners containing harsh acids also should never be used on your fiberglass windows. These chemical cleaners can be abrasive and leave etches in the glass. They can also cause the glass to cloud permanently.

Mild cleansers are the best option to ensure you get your windows clean without causing any damage.

Ask Your Installer

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your new windows, ask the installer. The installer has the information you need to ensure you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also receive some literature from the installer on the proper care of your new windows. Follow those directions closely.