Even if you already have a beautiful exterior, you can make it better with the right features. After all, the more curb appeal you have, the more likely you can attract home buyers and are less likely to get a nasty response from the neighbor or HOA. If you’ve been debating about adding awnings, curb appeal is a perfect reason to do so.


According to Lawnstarter, these newly installed features automatically increased curb appeal and last about 20 years. They require very little upkeep and won’t fade easily despite the elements. The more durable any feature is, the greater likelihood it’ll maintain its aesthetic quality.

Element Protection

Good awnings provide element protection for your windows and outdoor spaces. They buffer against extreme weather that can impact doors and windows, so their presence can help them look good longer. Mold, dirt, grime, and snow are less likely to cover your windows and doors. Even your outdoor spaces, such as your patios, benefit from the presence of awnings. They make these spaces more usable due to the shelter from rain, snow, and excessive heat. Therefore, spaces that may have only had seasonal use are more useable the whole year. If you enjoy fancier patio furniture, it’ll be easier to keep them outside with such protection.

Color and Style

These canopy features provide a way for homeowners to have more fun with color and texture. There may be restrictions on the colors you can use for your main exterior paint, especially in an HOA. For example, most homes use white, beige, or other neutral color. However, you may have more flexibility with awnings to add a bolder color. They can create a great contrast against the rest of the exterior. A bold red door against a white house is already a stunning visual element, and when you include red awnings, it pulls everything together even more.

As you can see, awnings add a stunning visual element to any home. Because of their protective qualities, various home features have cover from elements that may cause them to wear down. Window and door awnings are naturally beautiful due to their color and style variety. To learn more about the type of outdoor shades that are available to you, contact Jon’s Window & Awning for a consultation.

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