What to Look for in Window Awnings

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Are you looking to invest in upgrading the windows in your home? If so, awnings for windows may be the answer. Consider the different features and elements of awnings to get the best deal. Read on for a comprehensive guide to what to look for when researching awnings for windows.

1. Budget

The primary factor to consider when investing in window awnings is your budget. How much money are you willing and able to spend on these features? Get an accurate idea of how much you are willing to spend before shopping around. With a budget in mind, it’ll help narrow down the available options and give you a better idea of what type of window awnings are best for your needs and budget.

2. Material

You want a material of high quality and durable enough for the outside elements. The most common materials for window awnings are vinyl, aluminum, and canvas. Each material has its pros and cons, so research the differences to make sure you find one that will best suit your needs. Vinyl is good for low maintenance and cost, whereas aluminum is more durable. Canvas awnings are stylish but can fade and wear quickly.

3. Sun Protection

When selecting your window awnings, note sun protection capabilities. According to Houshia, window awnings in south-facing windows reduce the heat by up to 65% on south-facing windows and up to 77% on west-facing windows. Such heat reduction helps the comfort of your home and preserves the interior and exterior of your property. The best material for sun protection is usually canvas or aluminum.

4. Style

Don’t forget about the style of the awnings. You have plenty of options in terms of colors, patterns, and design. Look for awnings that match the overall style of your house, so they blend in nicely with the existing windows and architecture. The style can drastically change the look of your home, so make sure you invest in something visually appealing.

5. Installation

Look for companies that offer professional installation services. This will save you from the hassle of doing it yourself and ensure proper and safe work on your window investment.

By researching the different factors that come with window upgrades, you can make sure you get the best deal for your needs and budget. Contact Jon’s Window & Awning for professional awnings for windows today.

4 Reasons to Install Milgard Windows

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Is it time to replace your old windows? Or, are you constructing a new home and looking for the best in the window industry? You’ve probably heard of different window brand names in your research. Have you considered Milgard windows? Milgard windows are an industry leader in windows for a reason.  Here are 5 reasons you should choose Milgard.

1. Experience

Milgard has been in business since 1962, and, according to Architectural Digest, their products are available in sixteen states. Milgard windows have a trusted reputation in the industry. Knowing that the company you’re working with has been around for so long gives you peace of mind that they know what they’re doing when it comes to window installation.

Milgard windows are installed by factory-trained technicians who have years of experience. When you choose Milgard windows, you’re getting a professional installation that is under warranty.

2. Warranty

Lifetime warranties back Milgard windows. Depending on the type of window you have installed, you’re eligible for a full lifetime warranty or a lifetime limited warranty. You can feel confident that if there are any issues with your windows, you’ll be able to get them addressed by Milgard.

3. Highest Quality

Milgard windows are incredibly well-crafted and reliable. They are made with only the finest materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. No one wants drafty windows, so energy efficiency is important when purchasing new windows. Milgard windows are insulated and keep out drafts and noise.

4. Variety of Options

It’s important to weigh all of your options and decide which type of Milgard window works best for your home. Milgard doesn’t have just one type of window, there are many to choose from.

They offer three types of window materials. Vinyl windows that are insulating and UV resistant. Fiberglass windows that prevent rotting and swelling. And lastly, aluminum windows that are strong and low maintenance.

Not only do you get to choose the material you’d like for your windows, but you can choose the style too. There are elegant styles, contemporary, clean lines, even sightlines, and traditional. Choose how you’d like the window to open with sliding, single-hung, double-hung, casement (hinged), awning, picture, or specialty window types.

Milgard windows can be fitted for replacement or new construction depending on your needs.

When looking to purchase new windows, you can’t go wrong with Milgard windows. Check out our selection of Milgard windows at Jons Window and Awning for your next window installation. You will feel confident in your investment!

5 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Contact Door and Window Installers

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When doing eco-friendly home improvements, upgrading your windows and doors should be at the top of your list. Not only can you save money on energy bills, but you’ll also help protect the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. Here are some ideal eco-friendly reasons to start contacting door and window installers.

1. Improve Insulation

Newer windows and doors are designed to be more energy efficient than older models. They can help reduce the heat lost through your walls and roof, meaning you don’t have to run your heating system as often. This makes them an excellent eco-friendly option because they can lower your carbon emissions significantly. According to the Department of Energy, it’s estimated that approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows.

2. Save Money on Energy Bills

After professional work from window installers, you can turn down the thermostat and rely more on natural light instead of electric ones. You won’t have to spend as much money on electricity and gas, which is beneficial for the environment. You can also benefit from tax credits or rebates when you upgrade your windows and doors.

3. Other Home Improvements

New windows and doors can help with other eco-friendly improvements you might make to your home. For example, you can install additional insulation in the walls and roof when you replace your windows and doors. You don’t have to invest as much money in other energy-saving measures such as solar panels or a new heating system.

4. Enjoy More Natural Light

Eco-friendly windows and doors can help to let more natural light into your home. There’s less need to rely as much on electric lighting during the day, which will help you save energy in the long run. You’ll also be able to enjoy a brighter and airier home space that can help to improve your mood.

5. Choose Green Materials

Consider green materials such as recycled aluminum. These have a lower environmental impact than synthetic materials, such as vinyl, because they don’t require as much energy to produce. They also tend to be more durable and last longer, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

Upgrading your windows and doors can equally benefit your home, your wallet, and the environment. So contact Jons Window and Awning today so our window installers can get the ball rolling on your new upgrades.

4 Tips for Entertaining on Your Patio During the Colder Months


When entertaining at your home, an outdoor space like a patio can be the perfect spot to gather guests and host the ultimate celebration. Although the warmer months may give you more creativity and freedom for entertainment, you can still have a successful outdoor party in the chilly weather with specific patio features. These four tips can take your outdoor space to the next level during the colder months!

1. Install An Awning

An awning is a perfect addition for hosting outdoor events in the colder months. After installing the awning, your entertainment space will be secure and clear from weather elements throughout the year. Selecting an awning made of metal will ensure it stays in good condition during the winter. Metal awnings are corrosion-resistant and have the strength to withstand the weight of snow or ice throughout the cold months.

2. Set Out Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Comfortable outdoor furniture will help make an entertainment space cozy. Just be sure to avoid metal or aluminum furniture, which will quickly become cold and uncomfortable for guests. To be a good host to your friends and family, add outdoor furniture with soft cushions to create a more relaxing and warm area.

3. Put Out An Outdoor Area Rug

A decorated and safe space for your guests is key to a successful gathering. An outdoor area rug can bring a greater sense of hospitality. It can also bring added safety for your guests — once you’ve laid the area rug down, you’ll have a smooth ground surface that lowers the risk of your guests tripping and falling. Outdoor area rugs differ based on shape, color, and material. The right area rug for you depends on your location and needs.

4. Add Extra Outdoor Lighting

In the colder months, sunshine can be sparse. With this considered, extra outdoor lighting can be convenient when entertaining on your patio. According to Lumens, the three types of outdoor lighting that are best for entertaining spaces are step lights, path lights, and bollards. These outdoor light options are preferred because guests can safely maneuver around the lights.

According to Statista, over 40% of homeowners used outdoor spaces to entertain guests in 2017. If you also entertain guests on your patio, it’s essential to consider these tips to make the space as functional and comfortable as possible. To learn more about how you can optimize your patio for the winter, contact Jon’s Window and Awning today!

3 Structural Upgrades You Can Make to Give Your Home a New Feel

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Life changes over time, and it’s only natural that your home should change as well. Keeping your home the same for several years can cause it to look outdated and unappealing. It can also lead to structural damage down the line. If your home is in need of an update, here are three structural upgrades that can give it a new feel.

1. Custom Windows

A good home needs good windows. Not only do they keep the weather out, but they also let in natural light and fresh air. Since windows have a lifespan of about 20 years, according to Paramount Siding and Windows, it’s not surprising that they might need to be replaced from time to time.

Installing custom windows is a great way to update the look of your home. Not only will new windows be more energy-efficient, but they’ll also let in more sunlight. If you want to take things a step further, you can add custom window treatments like shutters or blinds.

2. Siding Upgrades

Another structural element of your home that can start to look dated over time is the siding. If your siding is cracked, peeling, or discolored, it might be time for an upgrade. Replacing your siding is a big project, but it can totally transform the look of your home.

There are several siding materials to choose from, so you’ll surely be able to find something that fits your budget and style. Once you’ve installed new siding, you might want to consider adding new trim or gutters.

3. Roofing Upgrades

Your roof is one of the most important structural elements of your home, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it might be time to start thinking about replacing it. Not only will a new roof improve the appearance of your home, but it will also protect your home from the elements.

When you’re shopping for a new roof, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide on the material. Choose whether you want asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or tile. You’ll also need to decide on a color that complements the rest of your home.

Upgrading your windows, siding, and roof are a few great ways to give your home a new look. Call Jon’s Window and Awning today to start a whole new chapter for your home.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Patio in Great Condition During the Winter

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Patios are extremely popular with homeowners. According to Ibis World, the patio and deck construction industry has grown over 3% in the last five years, reaching a revenue of $783 million in 2019. A patio is a great place to entertain guests, relax after a long day, or simply enjoy the great outdoors, but keeping it in good condition requires proper maintenance. Winter weather conditions can do a lot of damage to your patio — including your patio furniture and patio door — so it’s important to follow the four tips below to keep your patio in great condition all year long.

1. Cover Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is important for enjoying your patio, but during the winter, it can be subject to cold weather damage. Cover patio furniture when you aren’t using it, and keep it indoors if possible. Storage and coverage will help to prolong your patio furniture and keep it looking its best.

2. Inspect Your Patio Door

The patio door is one of the most important features of your patio, and it’s also one of the parts that’s most vulnerable to damage from the cold. Be sure to inspect your patio door regularly. If you see any cracks or damage, repair or replace them as soon as possible. A damaged patio door can let in drafts and moisture, which can do a lot of damage to your home.

3. Add Winter Weather Stripping

If your patio door isn’t already weather-stripped, now’s the time to do it. Weather stripping will help to seal out drafts and moisture, keeping your patio door in good condition. You can buy weather stripping at most hardware stores, and it’s relatively easy to install. Simply measure the door and cut the weather stripping to size, then attach it to the door with adhesive or nails.

4. Install a Storm Door

Consider installing a storm door on your patio if you live in an area with a lot of snow or wind. Storm doors provide an extra layer of protection against the elements, and can help to keep your patio door in good condition. Storm doors are available at most home improvement stores, and can be installed by a professional if you’re unsure how to do it yourself.

Don’t forget to maintain your patio over the winter months! A little bit of care and attention will go a long way toward keeping your patio in great condition. These tips will help you keep you to enjoy your patio all year long. For more tips on maintaining your patio through the winter, call Jon’s Window and Awning today.

How to Keep Your Windows Insulated This Upcoming Winter

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If you’re like most people, you’re probably not looking forward to the cold weather that’s on its way. But there are some things you can do to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible this winter. One of those things is making sure your windows are properly insulated. It’s important and in fact, 25% of your heating bill can be attributed to heat loss through inefficient glass windows, according to Energy Saver.

There are a few different ways to insulate your windows. You can use window film, special treatments or coverings, or new windows with better insulation. But no matter what method you choose, the goal is the same: to keep heat in and cold out. Here is a breakdown of the different window insulation options.

Window Film

Window film is one of the most popular ways to insulate windows. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to install, and it can make a big difference in how well your windows keep heat in. There are a few different types of window film, so be sure to choose one that’s specifically designed for insulation.

Special Treatments

Special treatments and coverings are other options for insulating your windows. These can include things like heavy curtains or blinds, weatherstripping, and caulking. Some of these treatments are more effective than others, so it’s important to do research to figure out which ones will work best for your needs.

New Windows

Finally, you may want to consider new home windows with better insulation. This is usually the most expensive option, but it can also be the most effective. If you’re thinking about new home windows, be sure to compare different brands and styles to find the ones that offer the best insulation.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for new home windows. First, you’ll want to make sure they’re Energy Star certified. This means they meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines set by the US government. You’ll also want to think about the climate where you live. If you live in a colder climate, you’ll want windows that have a low U-factor. The U-factor is a measure of how well a window blocks heat transfer. The lower the number, the better.

No matter which method you choose, insulating your windows is a great way to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. So take some time to research your options and find the best way to insulate your home. If you’re searching for new home windows, get in touch with Jons Window and Awning today for a free quote!

Which Door Manufacturer is Right for You?

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Most home renovation projects focus on the interior, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. However, most homeowners forget about enhancing the curb appeal of their property by updating their windows and doors. Replacement doors and windows are a great way to renovate your home without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to boost your home’s overall value. Let’s learn why it’s a good idea to contact a door manufacturer and replace your windows and doors.

An Affordable Replacement

Most home improvement projects have a budget of $400 to $14,000, according to Houzz. Although most homeowners choose to spend their budget on their living room and kitchen, they forget how crucial it is to get replacement doors. Replacement doors are affordable and bring a new feel to your home, as they complement the aesthetic of your interior while adding a nice touch to your outdoor appearance.

A New Sense of Safety

Doors and windows are not only a way to make your home look better, but they also offer protection to your family. A replacement door should be easy for you and your family to operate in case of things such as harsh weather or home invasions. A replacement door will give you a new sense of safety, and make you feel more comfortable. Old and cracked windows and doors are tricky to replace so it’s recommended to get new ones with better hardware.

More Energy Efficiency

Most home renovation projects are about enhancing your property, but you can also save money while adding a new look to your home. With replacement windows and doors, you’ll know that no air or heat is lost. This helps you save on your electric bills, especially in the winter months. Replacing your old doors with newer, modern ones is not only a way to better insulate your home but an investment that will lower your heating and cooling costs.

Home renovation projects help bring comfort, protection, and style to your property. Doors and windows are a subtle yet stylish way to update your house.  If you’re looking for reliable replacement windows and doors, contact Jons Window and Awning today!

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Patio Doors

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Patio doors are one of the most durable door types, typically lasting 30 years and beyond with service care, according to Improvement Center. Therefore, it is essential to consider certain factors when purchasing sliding patio doors. Here are four tips to help you choose the right patio door.

1. Which Frame Material Will You Choose?

Although glass is the standard material, you can choose from many options for the frame material. Wood is a classic choice because of its warm feel and ability to blend with most interior designs. However, it may be limited by its vulnerability to weathering and wearing. You could opt for aluminum because of its durability, but you might have to worry about dents in the future. Vinyl and fiberglass are contemporary choices that promise durability.

2. More Privacy or More Light? The Glass Factor

You can decide how you want the glass to fit in the frame material. One factor to consider is your need for privacy versus the need for natural light. Some glasses are clear to allow natural light to seep in uninterrupted. However, you can choose tinted glass if you prefer more privacy. You can also choose to have less glass and more of your chosen frame material on the sliding glass door.

3. What’s Your Budget?

Like with most purchases, the cost is probably one of the most important factors when purchasing a sliding glass door. The cost of a patio door depends on the choice of framing material and glass, company, and location. The size and design of your patio door will contribute to the cost. However, choosing the quality frame and glass material is best if your budget allows it.

4. What’s Your Space Size?

Lastly, you should consider your space and the type of functionality you expect from it. French double doors could be the perfect option if you have a large space. However, if you are working with limited door space, sliding glass doors might do best. In addition, sliding doors might be the most suitable option if you intend to move large items through them.

If you’re planning to buy sliding patio doors, it’s important to consider the frame material, type of glass, functionality, and total cost. Please reach out to us today for help choosing the best patio doors for you.

Why You Should Consider a Sun Control System

sun control systems

Excessive sun exposure can be detrimental to your interior finishes and furniture among other things. This is why you need to look into a sun control system that minimizes the amount of sunlight coming into your home or office. Read on to see a few more reasons why you stand to benefit from getting a sun control system.

You Can Save on Energy Consumption

With a proper sun control system, you can lower your energy usage by a considerable amount. This is because when the sun is allowed to get into a space unobstructed and for long hours, it heats up the space. For people living in sunny and hot areas, this can be a nuisance. Excessive heat from the sun can increase energy usage in a bad way. With sun control systems, this is something that can be kept in check.

You Get Less Glare

Whether you’re trying to work or simply relax and watch some television, it’s no secret that glare can make it hard for you to enjoy doing so. You may find yourself having to move furniture around at different times of the day just to escape the sun’s glare as it moves across the sky. Sun control systems can save you from this hassle. While they let light in, it’s muted and more manageable than it would be if allowed to stream into your space unfiltered.

Your Space Is More Comfortable

Finally, you’ll enjoy more comfort in your home or office when you have a good sun control system. This is because less heat and light will make it into the area and you can keep the temperatures within a bearable range, sometimes even without having to rely on the air conditioner. It’s a good idea to look for sun control systems that will suit your needs and budget since there are currently a number of them on the market.

According to Brandon Gaille, the interior design industry pulls in almost $10 billion in annual revenue. This includes projects that are purely aesthetic and those that play a functional role, such as sun control systems. If you’re interested in learning more about sun control systems, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.