Tips on Having the Best Patio in the Neighborhood


Life isn’t all about competition, but it’s perfectly reasonable to want to have the best patio in your neighborhood. After all, when it comes to your home, why wouldn’t you want the best of the best? With so many different options to upgrade your patio, it’s important to stick to the basics. Here are four tips on how to create a stunning patio.

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are one of, if not the most popular component of every patio. These pieces give you a full view of your lawn and patio. A quality door acts as an image of your backyard, providing an almost seamless transition to the outdoors. Similar to sliding doors, French doors make a big statement. While they don’t provide the same level of a natural transition, these doors take on a more stylistic approach to your backyard. Capable of upgrading any space, these doorways pop and bring your patio together.


Often the unsung hero of your house, quality vinyl windows will be a topic of discussion among family and other guests. Similar to your doors, your windows can be seen as a picture on the wall. In that picture lies your outdoor living space, including your patio. Looking from the outside in, you can see your indoor living space. The frame makes up the rest of the picture, so it’s important to choose the right frame for your house. For example, vinyl windows are resistant and strong when it comes to weather and other outdoor forces. A fiberglass frame is perfect for longevity, resisting the elements such as rotting and warping. Aluminum windows are strong and hold color, making them a great choice for years to come.


Awnings are the cherry on top of your outdoor space. These serve to make your doors and windows even more appealing. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of keeping you cool, but they also serve to be aesthetically pleasing. A retractable awning is perfect for those who want to control how much sun they get, while opting for a custom canopy will bring your patio to the next level.

Given how great patios are, it should come as no surprise that the deck and patio construction industry is worth $934.3 million in 2023, according to IBISWorld. If you’re looking for more ideas or have any questions, feel free to contact Jon’s Window and Awning, Inc. If you have any questions about our products or services, please call or fill out a form on our website today!

How Custom-Made Windows Can Upgrade Your Home

custom made window

Looking for a great way to improve your home? Custom-made windows may be just the thing you need! Read on to discover a few of the many benefits this upgrade can offer.

Energy Savings

Custom windows are an investment, but they can go a long way toward paying for themselves. If you focus on energy savings, you can craft windows that are much better at keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is crucial considering that inefficient window glass could account for 25% of a home’s energy bill, according to the Department of Energy. The right windows could save you a lot each month, and they could also help improve your environmental footprint.


Custom windows can also do a better job of dealing with inclement weather. Tighter seals and fewer gaps, for example, could reduce the risk of leaks when it’s raining. This could protect your property and improve your overall well-being. You can also design windows to be harder to see through from the outside, increasing privacy.


You can also get custom windows that offer improved security. The windows might be harder to break or designed specifically to work with security systems, for example. This could help mitigate risks and provide increased peace of mind, which is priceless.

Improved Property Value

A custom-made window often looks much better than standard windows. Improved aesthetics can increase curb appeal, which could help you sell your home more quickly and also at a higher price. Additionally, you’ll have more freedom when designing your home or launching a major remodeling project. This can make your house stand out even more not just to neighbors but to future buyers as well. Further, once potential homebuyers realize how much they might save on energy bills, they may also be willing to pay more for your home.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and effective way to increase your home’s value, getting a custom-made window is a great option. Not only can you enjoy the improved performance of these windows, but they can be a great financial investment as well. If you’re looking for assistance or ideas with windows, feel free to get in touch with Jon’s Window & Awning today.

Why Vinyl Windows Are Everywhere

Is it time for some home renovations? Now that the new year has arrived what better time to replace those old or broken windows? If you’re not sure which windows are right for your home, you may want to consider vinyl which has surged in popularity. Here are the reasons why you can find vinyl windows in so many modern houses.


Like most homeowners, you probably don’t want to break the bank when it’s time for renovations. Luckily, with vinyl windows, you’ll have a very cost-effective upgrade, one that’s cheaper than wood windows. While it’s one of the more economical window choices, it comes with many more benefits that your home can benefit from.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a major problem in many American homes. Did you know as much as 30% of your heating energy can be lost through poor window insulation? When you choose vinyl windows, you’re helping to solve that problem. Vinyl is known for having great insulation capabilities. As a result, you can enjoy lower electrical bills and a reduced carbon footprint on the environment.


Have you noticed that vinyl records can last decades? That’s because PVC is an extremely durable material, even when used in fencing. The material is also highly resistant to insects, making it difficult for them to bore through your window panes and into your home. If you live in an area with extreme weather, vinyl is capable of holding up for decades.


Have you gone too long without replacing your windows and now you’re anxious for new ones? Are you worried that installation may take too long? Rest assured that when you opt for vinyl windows, you’re choosing a material that’s very easy to install.


As a homeowner, there’s lots of maintenance to consider. However, vinyl windows are easy to maintain as they have a low maintenance threshold. Since they’re durable and can last years, they don’t require much work after installation.

As you can see, if you’re looking for appropriate updates in the new year, you can’t go wrong with window replacements. If you want quality vinyl windows for your home, look no further than Jon’s Window and Awning. We’re a family-owned business in operation since 1991 and look forward to assisting you. Call today for a free quote.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Specialty Shutters

You recently installed some new specialty shutters in your home, or are considering doing so. These aren’t your average vinyl mini-blinds – they’re wooden shutters with adjustable louvers that allow you to control the exact amount of light that enters a room. Getting the most out of your investment means learning how to properly use and care for these shutters.

Choosing the Right Louver Angles

One of the best features of specialty shutters is the ability to change the angle of the louvers. This lets you customize how much light filters into the room. For example, setting the louvers at a 45-degree angle keeps the room bright while still providing some privacy. Rotating the louvers completely closed blocks outside light for naps or watching TV. Take some time to experiment with different angles in each room and find what works best.

Cleaning Louvers and Frames

To keep your specialty shutters looking their best, you’ll need to dust and occasionally wash the louvers and frames. Feather dusters easily remove dust from the louvers. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive brushes, which can damage the wood over time. You’ll also want to make sure the shutters are completely dry before closing them again.

Maintaining Shutter Mechanisms

It’s just as important to keep the shutter hardware clean and lubricated so the louvers, hinges, and tilting mechanisms continue to operate smoothly. Wipe down tracks periodically with a dry cloth to remove dirt and grime that can cause abrasion. A silicone spray lubricant helps hinges, latches and movable parts function properly. Be careful not to get lubricant on the wood louvers, as this causes dust and debris to stick to the surface.

Getting the most from your investment in specialty shutters requires learning the right techniques to operate, clean, and care for them. But the effort pays dividends in terms of added beauty, functionality, and light control in your home. Follow these tips and your new shutters will provide many years of aesthetic appeal and reliable performance. This is why so many people are investing in them. According to IMARC, as of 2021, the global window shutters market size was $3.2 billion. As of 2027, it’s expected to reach $4.6 billion. Are you ready to install new specialty shutters in your home? Call Jon’s Window and Awning today and let us help you find the ones right for you.