Dos and Don’ts of Vinyl Window Maintenance

vinyl windows

Windows play a significant role in the interior design of houses. The interior designs industry generates a revenue of $10 billion every year, and vinyl windows certainly make up a decent portion of that figure. Vinyl windows have become prominent in interior design because of their outstanding features. These windows are beautiful, robust, durable, and energy-efficient. They also have low maintenance requirements. Nevertheless, they will need occasional maintenance to keep them looking good and functional for many years. If you’re looking to improve your house’s appearance by taking care of your windows, the following are dos and don’ts of vinyl window maintenance.

Do Clean the Glass Regularly

The glass is the most important part of vinyl windows. It will help if you clean the glass regularly to wipe off moisture and dust, which make the glass appear dull or cloudy. Use a glass cleaner or a soft cloth and a glass spray to do the cleaning. You can use your own glass cleaner using water and vinegar.

Don’t Use Abrasives

You may be tempted to do mechanical cleaning by using abrasive materials to clean your vinyl windows. Don’t do this! Abrasive materials like razor blades can damage your vinyl windows by scratching glass and vinyl surfaces. Use specialized cleaning products to clean off sticky stains.

Do Clean Your Window Frames

Just like the glass, vinyl window frames need to be cleaned regularly too. Wash the entire frame with water and soap or vinegar solution. This will prevent your windows from getting dusty and old-looking.

Don’t Use Harmful Cleaners

Don’t use cleaners containing harsh chemicals to clean your vinyl windows. Cleaners like organic solvents and chlorine bleach may contain harmful chemicals that can corrode window surfaces and diminish the lifespan of your vinyl windows.

Do Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Clean your windows when the temperatures are moderate. Hot temperatures will dry windows leaving behind soapy residues. On the other hand, cold temperatures will dry the windows slowly, leaving behind streaks. Also, don’t wash your windows under direct sunlight. This will ensure your windows dry properly without leaving behind any stains.

Don’t Forget to Rinse and Dry Your Windows

Windows need to be rinsed and dried as well. After cleaning your vinyl windows, don’t forget to rinse the soap or vinegar solution off the windows. Allow your windows to dry naturally after rinsing them.

Vinyl windows improve the overall aesthetic of houses. Taking good care of your vinyl windows will increase their lifespan and make your home good-looking. The tips provided in this article will guarantee proper maintenance of your vinyl windows.