Are you looking for ways to enhance your windows and doors this year? If so, you should look into awnings. Awnings act like a small canopy attached to a window or door. Here are the benefits of using them from summer to winter.


With window awnings, your home will have the shade it needs while enjoying natural light. Too much UV exposure can damage your interior paint and floors. Direct sunlight can even fade your upholstered furniture. An awning will help you avoid these problems.

Energy Efficiency

As a homeowner, you want to save on energy bills. After all, your electrical expenditure accounts for a significant portion of your home bills. Window and door coverings make energy savings feasible year-round. Because awnings provide a small barrier from the exterior elements, your home has better insulation. When you use your AC or heating, you won’t have to turn it up as high because there is a barrier to direct sunlight in summer and high winds and chill in winter.


With proper maintenance, your windows can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, according to Angi. Professional awnings give windows a barrier of protection, thus helping increase their lifespan. Their canopy-like structure ensures rain and snow won’t directly hit your window surfaces. This also makes it easier for you to enter and leave your home without being wet. As a result, your entryways are protected from water damage and the possible mold and grime that could grow on them as a result.

Curb Appeal

Your home is an investment, and you naturally want it to look as attractive as possible. Having an appealing home isn’t just good for your ego; it can also help when you’re trying to sell it. Beautifully designed awnings can certainly help your home stand out on any block. Awnings come in a range of styles and materials that can enhance any home design and make it look more modern.

Now you know why window and door awnings are gaining popularity. These beautiful structures add to any home design while effectively protecting it from the elements. Your precious windows and doors are less likely to suffer water damage, so their lifespan will increase. If you’re ready to make this upgrade, contact Jon’s Window & Awning today.

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