specialty shutters

According to our sources, about one-third (30-33%) of a home’s HVAC usage dissipates through windows every day. Thankfully, specialty shutters can help you keep your home more efficient and more attractive. Here’s what must be understood before buying any of these shutters.

Simple Factors to Consider

When choosing interior shutters for your home, you must take into account several factors. These elements are critical because they dictate what shutters you buy, how you install them, and what level of money you’re likely to spend. Just a few of these common elements of your life and home include:

  • How much money you want to spend
  • Your current lifestyle, including how often you’re home
  • The insulation type in your house
  • The materials and overall design of your shutters

Don’t forget to consider things like your installation style, the size of your windows, any damage around the window, and any other issues to consider when picking interior shutter options for your home.

Materials to Use

Homeowners looking for specialty shutters have many material options from which they can choose. For example, hardwood produces an attractive and sturdy style that will look great and provide maximum protection. You can also consider vinyl for a lower-cost option, engineered wood for a higher level of efficiency, and thermite for a water-resistant and relatively damage-free option. Don’t forget to consider the interior design and elegance of your home when choosing your materials.

Shutter Types to Consider

After picking a shutter material that makes sense for your needs, you need to pick a great style. For example, a cafe style lets in light on the top half of your window to provide a nice bit of light but a rather high level of temperature exchange. By contrast, tier-on-tier or double-hung shutters are doubled at the top so that you can provide a variety of different lighting and cooling needs. You can also consider full height, tracked, solid pane, and other types of shutters to get strong results. Talk to your shutter specialist to learn more about your options here.

If you pay attention to these three simple elements, you should find it easy to get specialty shutters that meet your needs. Make sure that you work with professionals who fully understand your home and who will give you the shutters that can improve your home’s HVAC efficiency.

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