milgard doors

Milgard Doors is a high-quality door team that has provided many products for decades. Over the years, they’ve satisfied many customers by providing high-quality specialty work. But what sets us apart from our many competitors? Attention to detail and dedication to our customers. Let’s look deeply at the Milgard difference and how it helps you get the doors you deserve.

1. Long-Lasting Business

Milgard is one of the longest-lasting door companies on the market and has proudly served the area for over 50 years. According to Architectural Digest, Milgard has operated since 1962 and provides products in 16 states nationwide. In a market that often features many fly-by-night firms that go out of business in less than five years, longevity speaks to our excellence.

2. Family Owned and Operated

Milgard Doors started life as a family-owned and operated business and has stayed in the same family for years. We’re proud that we haven’t sold out to major corporations and have continued doing things our way. It has ensured higher quality and consistency for our customers. People whose grandparents worked with us are turning to our team and getting the same excellence.

3. Diverse Service Options

When you work with a door team, you want someone who provides multiple services that meet your needs. Milgard is there for you. We can help you install windows, doors, and awnings, matching your home’s style as closely as possible. Our team is focused on giving you the complete package and will do whatever they can to ensure you walk away happy with your results.

4. Higher-Quality Results

Milgard is also known for our high-quality products and services, focusing on giving our customers exactly what they want. We focus on your needs, putting them above all else to ensure you are happy with our services. It’s our goal to satisfy every customer equally, meaning our team works extra hours to provide the high-quality doors and services that your home or business needs to thrive.

All these benefits make Milgard Doors the choice option for many customers. We’ve been in operation so long: people trust us to do the work they need for their homes. So if you’re interested in new doors and need an installation team that makes sense for you, reach out to us today to learn more. Our team at Jons Window and Awning will do what we can to help you and provide the long-term support you need.

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