It is no accident that vinyl windows are on the top of the list when it comes to home improvement. High-quality vinyl replacement windows bring a lot of value to any home.

You can take advantage of the value that vinyl windows add to your home by connecting with a window and door installation team that understands their job is to deliver value. Learn more about the real value of vinyl windows and how they can help to improve your home.

The Energy Savings is Real

It is estimated that about 30% of your heating and cooling is lost through faulty windows and doors. Replacing them now can mean a tremendous amount of energy savings. New windows can keep the elements out and keep the cooling and heating costs down.

Of course, while energy savings is a tremendous benefit it is not all you get when you decide on new vinyl windows Burbank homeowners have found. There are other plusses when it comes to making the choice of putting your improvement money into new windows.


You hear a lot about curb appeal these days. Curb appeal is a term used to describe how your home looks from “the curb” or as people pass by. A home that has new windows has tremendous curb appeal. New windows instantly upgrade the look of any home.

Of course, the aesthetics are not only for the people passing by, but they are also for you as well. There is nothing quite like loving where you live and feeling proud of your home looks both inside and outside. Having guests over and enjoying some time in the backyard like 40% of homeowners did in 2017, is so much better when you can look at your home and feel good about its appearance.

Things Get Quieter

Less than quiet neighbors become a problem of the past with new windows. New vinyl replacement windows are built to have noise-canceling properties that keep the noise outdoors where it belongs. Suddenly your home becomes more peaceful with new windows. You get to enjoy a quieter space where outdoor noise no longer infiltrates your home, your energy bill goes down, and the home looks great. Can you ask for anything more? Well, there is one more thing.

You can put your drop cloths away. Vinyl windows never have to be painted. Just spray them down with the water hose occasionally, and your windows will stay looking new for years to come. Your home deserves an upgrade. Consider vinyl windows as the perfect way to upgrade your home and your lifestyle.

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