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Nothing lasts forever, not even your windows and doors. That’s one of the many reasons why the deck and patio construction industry has grown significantly over the last five years, ultimately hitting a revenue of $783 million in 2019. While there are many factors that go into creating decks and patios, some of the most significant components include the windows and patio doors that really connect the home to that outdoor space. But of course, like any component that’s constantly exposed to the elements, eventually these doors and windows do need to be replaced.

Doors, in particular, should be replaced on a regular basis, as they’re not only key to maintaining an energy-efficient home, but also vital to the security of houses. But determining when replacement doors are needed can be difficult. We often take our doors for granted and don’t take much notice of the damage that they accrue over time. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the main signs that your doors may need to be replaced.

1. You’re Experiencing Drafts

One of the main indicators that you need to start shopping for replacement doors is that you’re starting to feel a draft through the door. Not only does this mean that heat and cool air is escaping through the door, ultimately affect its energy efficiency; it’s also indicative of potential cracks and issues with the door’s sealing ability.

Keep an eye on your bills as you evaluate your door. If you’re paying more each month than you once did, combined with a draft, you should probably start considering different replacement doors. You may even want to opt for a door made out of different materials next time, in order to elevate its energy efficiency.

2. The Door Has Sustained Significant Damage

Obviously, you need to replace a door that has sustained significant damage, whether it’s been vandalized or damaged due to a weather event. You shouldn’t bother trying to repair a door that has sustained this level of damage. You’ll most likely be investing in a product that you need to replace down the road anyway.

Rather, you should go ahead and replace the door, ideally with a door that is stronger and less prone to damage. If your wood door sustained damage during a hurricane, for example, you may want to opt for a steel door the next time around.

3. It’s Experienced Insect Damage

Wood doors are particularly prone to insect damage, due to the fact that termites and other burrowing pests are more able to attack wood than other materials. While you could work on restoring certain parts of your home that have suffered termite damage, it’s a good idea to replace a door outright. It would likely cost more to restore the door than it’s worth.

Again, when shopping for replacement doors you should instead look at fiberglass and steel doors. These are much less likely to fall prey to insect damage.

4. The Door Shows Signs Of Warping And Peeling

Once your door has started to show signs of warping, peeling, and cracking you should begin your hunt for a replacement as quickly as possible. Age and ongoing damage tend to cause these types of issues over time, especially in the case of wood doors.

Wood doors tend to soak in moisture, which causes them to expand and warp over the years. By the time the door has started to show these kinds of signs, it’s usually an indication that it has already weakened to the point that it needs to be replaced.

5. The Door Is Sticking

If your door is having issues with opening and closing, this is probably an indication that it needs to be replaced. This can be a sign that the hinges have become rusted or damaged in some way, and over time the door itself will likely become more damaged as you try to open and close it.

While it’s never fun to invest in replacement doors, it’s something that most homeowners will likely need to do at one point or another. Therefore, it’s advisable that you truly invest, paying more now for a higher quality door that will last for the long term.

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