replacement doors

Burbank replacement windows are a great way to reduce energy costs, improve aesthetics, and get other great benefits, but what about your doors? The fact is if you go with just replacement windows but you still have old-style patio doors, you are only getting half the energy efficiency benefits.


High-quality replacement doors are a great option for improving energy efficiency, safety, and adding a great updated aesthetic to your property. New patio doors are built to be energy-efficient, highly functional and to look great.


How Much Energy Is Going Right Out Your Doors?


It is estimated about 30% of your energy flies out your old windows and doors, replacement doors and replacement windows can stop the energy loss in your home. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of getting the replacement windows and ignoring the need for replacement doors.


Access to your patio probably gets a lot of use, old patio doors, were not built with energy efficiency in mind. Between the wear and tear and the substantial design, your patio doors can be a huge culprit when it comes to energy waste.


Get the Best Value by Replacing Both Your Windows and Doors


Professional installers from a trusted window and door company can deliver a great deal of value when you choose to replace both your windows and doors. A new patio door with new replacement windows can make your home an energy-saving powerhouse.


You can expect to lower your energy bills by up to 15% and have a beautiful updated aesthetic. Of course, there is also a safety factor. Burglars love faulty patio doors. They make for easy entry into your home.


Of course, with this type of home improvement, you get the return on your investment that is hard to get with other home improvement options. You also get a better quality of life. When you opt for replacement doors along with your replacement windows, you get a quieter home where it is easier to control the indoor climate.


Learn more about the value of having both your windows and doors replaced by the trusted Burbank window and door experts. Investing in replacement doors is one of the best choices you can make for your home improvement dollars. Learn more today.

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