new replacement windows

The average homeowner has a home improvement budget between $400 and $14,000, according to Money, an online magazine publication. With such a wide variety of budgets, there are so many different kinds of remodeling projects that can be done. From small home repairs to full rooms or floors, your main remodeling question should be where to start!


Starting your home remodeling with new replacement windows is a great, energy-efficient option that will also make your home more attractive and livable. With larger windows leaking less energy, your home can be safe, secure, energy-efficient, and more beautiful than ever. Keep reading to learn more!


1. Improve Energy Efficiency


New replacement windows are often bigger and clearer than older windows. The windows you remodel with today are more efficient than they ever were in the past. Energy Star windows are now among the easiest windows to hang and use. Your windows will lose less heat to the outside and let less in.


2. Extend the Life of Your HVAC


Higher energy efficiency in your windows will change your energy life in multiple ways. Among them, you can be sure that your Energy Star windows will make your HVAC system run for a shorter time and run less often. A less stressed HVAC system will break down less often, and live longer before it needs to replacement.


3. Make Your Home More Comfortable


Less energy will leak out of your home in winter and into your home in summer. You’ll be more comfortable and your environment more consistent compared to what it was before your remodel.


4. Beautify Your Home and Improve Its Value


Bigger, clearer windows make a tremendous difference in the look of your home. Changing your windows today will make your home look more attractive tomorrow. When it’s time to sell, the larger, more energy-efficient windows you install today will make your house more valuable on the market. People love panoramic views of the outdoors and will pay more to get them.


5. Keep Outdoor Noise Outside


Modern insulated windows do a great job of keeping out noises from the street. If you want to stop hearing every car or truck driving by, install new windows in your house.


With all the ways to improve your home with new replacement windows, you can whet your appetite for a bigger remodel and make your home immediately more attractive and more valuable. Call our team at Jons Window and Awning to start scheduling today!

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