retractable patio awning

By 2019, the deck and patio construction industry had reached a revenue of $783 million dollars, a 3% increase over the past five years. This number is only projected to grow larger, as people begin to look for ways to make their living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable. Especially since more people are opting to stay at home than ever before.


This uptick in home improvement, spurred on by social distancing and stay at home mandates, can actually work in your favor by giving you an excuse to finally get started on all those projects you might have been putting on the back burner. For instance, while heading to a park for some relaxation and fresh air might be off the table, fixing up your patio to be just as enjoyable can be your next goal. For this purpose, retractable patio awnings can come in handy, as they allow you to control the sun and shade received on your deck. While some days you might enjoy sitting out in the sun, on exceptionally hot or rainy days, you’ll be thankful for the cover.


If your current patio doesn’t feature a retractable patio awning, or is lacking in any covering at all, here are four benefits of installing one that you should consider.


1. Lowering Energy Costs


Staying at home can drive up energy costs, especially if the sun shines directly through your patio doors. While thick curtains can help mitigate this, they also block your view and make your home dark, forcing you to turn on additional lights to see. This can backfire and end up lowering the cost of energy saved with curtains. However, with retractable patio awnings or even stationary awnings, you can help reduce the heat index around your home and prevent the sun from being able to heat up the inside of your home as easily. This can help save you money when it comes to cooling your home, but by eliminating thick curtains or blinds, you can also save on lighting costs during the day.


2. Increasing Property Value


Adding a retractable patio awning can also help boost the value of your home. While you might not be thinking of selling in the near future, this is an investment that can help increase value and appeal should you ever decide to move in the future. This could mean that if you do end up selling you could receive higher bids, as well as a faster and easier sale. With attractive features like this, more homebuyers will be interested in getting their hands on the property.


3. Providing Wintertime Versatility


Just as how a retractable patio awning can help keep the sun out during the summer, it can also be pulled in to let the sun in during the winter. And, if the weather decides to act up and you have a freak heatwave during the winter, you can quickly reopen the awning to bring the shade back. This type of versatility is great for helping to combat energy costs no matter what the seasons bring.

4. Saving Patio Furniture


Patio furniture can be an expensive investment, but without the right protection, they can easily become bleached in the sun, ruined by rain, or damaged by snow. Awnings can help prevent this but allowing you to more readily protect your outdoor furniture, without the need to bring it inside every time the weather takes a turn. Similarly, this can allow you to leave your furniture out longer every year, as you’ll be able to prevent snow and sleet from reaching it.


Sun control systems, like awnings, are quickly becoming more popular due to their ability to make patios more comfortable, as well as the interior of your home. If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your outdoor living spaces, consider investing in a retractable awning and taking control of the comfort in your backyard.

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