When entertaining at your home, an outdoor space like a patio can be the perfect spot to gather guests and host the ultimate celebration. Although the warmer months may give you more creativity and freedom for entertainment, you can still have a successful outdoor party in the chilly weather with specific patio features. These four tips can take your outdoor space to the next level during the colder months!

1. Install An Awning

An awning is a perfect addition for hosting outdoor events in the colder months. After installing the awning, your entertainment space will be secure and clear from weather elements throughout the year. Selecting an awning made of metal will ensure it stays in good condition during the winter. Metal awnings are corrosion-resistant and have the strength to withstand the weight of snow or ice throughout the cold months.

2. Set Out Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Comfortable outdoor furniture will help make an entertainment space cozy. Just be sure to avoid metal or aluminum furniture, which will quickly become cold and uncomfortable for guests. To be a good host to your friends and family, add outdoor furniture with soft cushions to create a more relaxing and warm area.

3. Put Out An Outdoor Area Rug

A decorated and safe space for your guests is key to a successful gathering. An outdoor area rug can bring a greater sense of hospitality. It can also bring added safety for your guests — once you’ve laid the area rug down, you’ll have a smooth ground surface that lowers the risk of your guests tripping and falling. Outdoor area rugs differ based on shape, color, and material. The right area rug for you depends on your location and needs.

4. Add Extra Outdoor Lighting

In the colder months, sunshine can be sparse. With this considered, extra outdoor lighting can be convenient when entertaining on your patio. According to Lumens, the three types of outdoor lighting that are best for entertaining spaces are step lights, path lights, and bollards. These outdoor light options are preferred because guests can safely maneuver around the lights.

According to Statista, over 40% of homeowners used outdoor spaces to entertain guests in 2017. If you also entertain guests on your patio, it’s essential to consider these tips to make the space as functional and comfortable as possible. To learn more about how you can optimize your patio for the winter, contact Jon’s Window and Awning today!

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