milgard windows

Is it time to replace your old windows? Or, are you constructing a new home and looking for the best in the window industry? You’ve probably heard of different window brand names in your research. Have you considered Milgard windows? Milgard windows are an industry leader in windows for a reason.  Here are 5 reasons you should choose Milgard.

1. Experience

Milgard has been in business since 1962, and, according to Architectural Digest, their products are available in sixteen states. Milgard windows have a trusted reputation in the industry. Knowing that the company you’re working with has been around for so long gives you peace of mind that they know what they’re doing when it comes to window installation.

Milgard windows are installed by factory-trained technicians who have years of experience. When you choose Milgard windows, you’re getting a professional installation that is under warranty.

2. Warranty

Lifetime warranties back Milgard windows. Depending on the type of window you have installed, you’re eligible for a full lifetime warranty or a lifetime limited warranty. You can feel confident that if there are any issues with your windows, you’ll be able to get them addressed by Milgard.

3. Highest Quality

Milgard windows are incredibly well-crafted and reliable. They are made with only the finest materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum. No one wants drafty windows, so energy efficiency is important when purchasing new windows. Milgard windows are insulated and keep out drafts and noise.

4. Variety of Options

It’s important to weigh all of your options and decide which type of Milgard window works best for your home. Milgard doesn’t have just one type of window, there are many to choose from.

They offer three types of window materials. Vinyl windows that are insulating and UV resistant. Fiberglass windows that prevent rotting and swelling. And lastly, aluminum windows that are strong and low maintenance.

Not only do you get to choose the material you’d like for your windows, but you can choose the style too. There are elegant styles, contemporary, clean lines, even sightlines, and traditional. Choose how you’d like the window to open with sliding, single-hung, double-hung, casement (hinged), awning, picture, or specialty window types.

Milgard windows can be fitted for replacement or new construction depending on your needs.

When looking to purchase new windows, you can’t go wrong with Milgard windows. Check out our selection of Milgard windows at Jons Window and Awning for your next window installation. You will feel confident in your investment!

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