Window and Door Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

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Take advantage of the latest window and door trends to give your house a fresh look. Although most house remodeling projects deal with changing the furniture and other small details, renovating the doors and the windows can make a property look brand new.

Without further ado, here we have great renovation ideas for your windows and doors that would give your house the innovation that it needs.

Elegant and Big Proportions

Make the entrance of your house look like the entrance of a castle by installing a large entry door. If you want a rustic aesthetic for your home, large doors made of wood are a good pick. Moreover, we strongly suggest large doors with small gaps in the glass.

Big wooden doors with glass offer visibility and a way to let daylight inside your house. If you want to experiment with the concept of a large door, you can add windows to match the entrance and play with the architectural idea of your home.

Windows and Bathrooms

A bathroom should be a place of complete relaxation, and what better way to enhance that feeling by adding sunlight and natural materials? Add small pot plants around the bathroom and other natural-like types of decoration, as they will blend nicely with the outdoor look of your backyard.

Sliding doors are also a great addition to a bathroom, as they help the natural light come inside your bathroom while you are soaking in the bathtub.

Renovating your property

Older houses are getting a new modern look by simply adding new windows and doors. According to OxfordHomeStudy, the interior design business makes over $10 billion each year. Interestingly, most interior design projects have to do with replacing windows and doors.

New windows on an old property do more than change the aesthetic, as they also allow ventilation to other parts of the house. Moreover, adding windows curbs the appeal of a property and makes it look spacious from the inside.

House renovation projects are a fantastic way to invest in your property and yourself, as you’ll make the space you live in more comfortable. Although most house renovation enthusiasts tend to forget about changing the windows and doors, these two elements are crucial for a complete house makeover. If you want to renovate your property, call us today.

3 Patio Door Maintenance Tips


If you have a patio door in your home, it’s essential to maintain it. A well-maintained patio door will function better and last longer. According to studies, patio doors typically survive 30 years (more if maintained). In this blog post, we will discuss maintenance tips for patio doors.

1. Keep the Door Clean

Having a clean door is essential for proper functioning. Make sure to regularly clean the tracks, rollers, and hinges of your patio door. This will help keep the door moving smoothly and prevent it from getting stuck. You can also clean your patio door’s glass by using a vinegar and water mixture. Spray the mixture on a rag and wipe the glass clean. This will help remove any dirt or fingerprints on the glass.

2. Lubricate the Tracks Regularly

You don’t want the tracks of your patio door to get rusty, so it’s important to lubricate them regularly. Use a silicone-based lubricant on the track and hinges. This will help keep them in good condition and prevent them from rusting. You can also use a wax paper barrier between the door and track if you have trouble getting the lubricant in there. This will help keep the lubricant from getting on the door itself.

3. Check the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping on your patio door helps keep out drafts and moisture. Over time, the weatherstripping can become worn or damaged. You should check it regularly to make sure it’s in good condition. If the weatherstripping needs to be replaced, you can buy new strips at a hardware store. Make sure to read the instructions carefully to know how to install them correctly.

4. Keep the Door Well-Insulated

A properly insulated patio door can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your patio door is not well-insulated, you may experience a lot of heat or cold air loss. You can improve the insulation of your patio door by adding weatherstripping or installing a storm door. You can also add insulation to the door itself by using a thermal blanket or bubble wrap.

5. Use the Right Door Hardware

The hardware on your patio door plays a vital role in its function. If the hardware is old or damaged, it can cause the door to malfunction. You should check the condition of the hardware regularly and replace any worn or broken parts. You can buy replacement parts at a hardware store or online.

These are just a few of the things you can do to maintain your patio door. By following these tips, you can help keep your door in good condition for years to come. If you have any questions about patio door maintenance, feel free to contact us.

Up Your Curb Appeal: 3 Easy Changes For Outdoors


When you are considering making upgrades to your home to improve its appeal, think about the outside. You can add some upgrades to your home that will increase its value as well as the enjoyment you get from your home. A survey from 2017 states that over 40% of homeowners entertain in the outdoor space. Consider these three easy updates for the outside of your home.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

A lush landscape can do many things for the outside of your home. It increases the value of your home, as well as adds to the beauty. You can create natural walkways, planters, shrubs, and flowers. In addition to adding landscaping to your yard, you also need to care for the grass, trees, and flowers. Any trees that remain in the yard must be living and in good shape.

Deck and Patio

If you enjoy spending time outside and want to spend more time in your yard, consider adding a deck or patio. Not only are these spaces ideal for entertaining, grilling, and eating. In addition, these are great places to add awnings to provide shade from the sun. While adding a deck can be expensive, you will see a return of more than 75% on your investment. If you are considering adding awnings to your backyard space, you cannot forget the lighting. In addition to creating ambiance in your yard, it creates safety for your guests as well as your house.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, you can do more of that outside with an outdoor kitchen. If you are considering a patio with awnings, you can add a kitchen to them. You do not have to put a full kitchen outside, but a nice grill, cooktop, and sink are a great way to expand your cooking space. It can add to the value of your house. While people may not look for an outdoor kitchen as a must-have, it can certainly be a bonus for buyers.

When thinking about easy upgrades to your backyard, be sure to consider these options. Some of them are more expensive than others, but they increase the value of your home while adding to the enjoyment you experience, especially while eating dinner or entertaining friends outside.

4 Home Upgrades To Start Planning Now

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There really never seems to be an excellent time to make upgrades to your house. Home upgrades take time, funds, and motivation. But, even if you are not ready to start your upgrade right now, you should start planning. Consider these four upgrades to your home.

1. Painting

Painting is a great upgrade for your house. It is one of the more affordable upgrades, and it has dramatic results. In addition, it is a reasonably easy task to complete, especially on the inside of your house. If you enjoy doing the painting yourself, you can take a risk and paint your home a unique color. However, if you decide to hire someone to paint your house, especially the outside, it is more affordable than you might expect.

2. Modify the Kitchen

When you focus on updating your kitchen, you can get as much as a 75% return on your investment. One point of consideration is if you are modifying the kitchen simply to sell your home, you want to ensure that you do not overly personalize the kitchen. However, if you plan to stay in the house for a while, you can renovate with the features you have been dreaming about. You want to focus on high-quality fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops.

3. Replacing Windows and Doors

Another consideration for an upgrade in your home is a professional window and door installation. Many houses lose as much as 30% of their heating energy through the windows. If you can feel a draft coming in from your windows, it is time to consider a professional window and door installation. Not only will this improve your heating efficiency, but it will improve the look of your home. Consider planning for a professional window and door installation.

4. Upgrade the Bathroom

Bathroom upgrades are a great idea when you want to make an upgrade to your home that will provide a return on your investment. You can make a smart upgrade to your bathroom that appeals to everyone, including classic fixtures and subway tiles.

When considering making upgrades to your home, consider these four as they can provide a high return on your investment. In addition, some of these upgrades can be done affordably and with just a small amount of planning.

Outdoor Living Space Trends for 2022

Milgard Patio Doors

Many things can change from one year to the next. And that outdoor space that needs to be refreshed is the perfect area to try new trending ideas for the new year. You will find that changing space and adding Milgard patio doors will update your space to what you expect. And those upgrades can last a lifetime and help create a lifetime of memories.

Updating With Those Warm Colors

People love to be around colors that make them feel good. They can help you relax after a hard day at the office or a long day driving. Warm colors can also enhance your space and provide the look you create outdoors.

Tying the Indoors Together With the Outside

Milgard patio doors are specially designed to help you enjoy the outdoors from the inside. Patio doors that can be opened and placed to the side allow you to enjoy the outside while working inside. You can prepare the food indoors and easily move it outside while your guests enjoy the great outdoors. You will find that patio doors last over 30 years or more with proper service.

Add That Playground Area

Milgard patio doors can help open up the great outdoors for your young minds to enjoy the new playground. Kids love to play on new swings and play in the covered fort. By adding a playground for the new year, you can enhance your space and add value to your home.

Add That New Sports Area

Some homeowners have taken the time and added a backyard basketball area. Sports areas help families spend more time together and create memories that last a lifetime. Basketball courts are the new thing for 2022, and by having one put in, you can create the perfect space for the new year.

If you want to create a new space for the new year, you are on the right path to creating an exciting place for your family and friends. Milgard patio doors are the right way to update your patio area. Your space will double because of the way you can open your new patio doors. Your guests will also get to enjoy the space as they can move freely in and out of your home.

Choosing The Right Awning For Your Outdoor Space


Are you looking for a new awning for your outdoor space? As you are reviewing awnings, you need to make sure you choose the right one. You might want to rely on a professional company that can help you. The patio and deck construction industry have expanded by approximately 3% during the past five years. In 2019 alone, this industry brought in more than $783 million. Therefore, you have plenty of options if you are looking at awnings. What are a few factors you should consider before you decide on the right awning for your outdoor space?

Think About the Sunrays

One of the main purposes of your awning is to block the rays of the sun. Therefore, you should find an awning that can help you do that. Check and see if the awning has been finished with any special UV-resistant materials. This could improve its ability to keep the song off of yourself and your guests. You may want to take a look at a few reviews to see what other people have to say.

Consider Rain Resistance

In addition, you might depend on this awning to protect you against the rain. Take a look at the water-resistant properties of the awning. Does it degrade if it is exposed to moisture? Does water leak from the awning if it gets saturated? Does water pool on top of the awning? Make sure you have the answers to these questions before you decide on which awning is right for your outdoor area.

Think About Style

Finally, you need to think about style as well. Are you looking for an awning that has a modern look to it? Or, are you looking for something that is a bit more traditional? Awnings come in many shapes and forms, so you should be able to customize them to meet your outdoor area. If you have questions about what awning might look good outside of your home or office, you can reach out to a professional for help.

Find the Right Awning

Ultimately, there are a lot of factors you need to think about if you are looking for awnings for your outdoor area. There are plenty of awning options from which to choose and do not hesitate to reach out to a professional who can help you. A beautiful awning can significantly improve the quality of your outdoor space.

Choosing The Right Windows For Your Newly Built Home

Many decisions go into choosing the window for your newly built home. You may think that you can simply pick any window, and it will work out in the end, but there is a lot more to consider than just how it looks and fits with your home’s style. The windows you choose for your new house directly affect its energy efficiency, humidity control, natural light, and sound insulation. Here are some tips to help you choose the right ones for your home.

1. Ensure That They Have High Energy Efficiency Ratings

If you want to keep your heating and cooling costs down, make sure the windows you choose have a high energy efficiency rating. If you need some help deciding which window to get, it is best to consult with window installers who can assist you in choosing the right product that will suit your needs and budget.

2. Consider the Noise Reduction Factor

Noise pollution can be an issue if you are trying to live in a very densely populated area. If the windows of your house are not properly soundproofed, you may find yourself having problems with noise levels within your home, which can disrupt your everyday life. Make sure that you choose windows with good insulation qualities, specifically soundproofing properties, to ensure that your home is a secure and tranquil environment.

3. Excellent Frame Construction Is a Must

When buying windows, look at the frame construction because this will have a major impact on how long they last and how efficiently they operate. Some homeowners choose aluminum frames because they tend to be lighter and stronger than other metals such as steel. However, you should look for aluminum frames that are sturdy to make sure they will not bend or warp over time.

4. Does the Style of Your Home Suit That of the Window?

The style of your windows should match the style of your home. If you have a house designed with certain materials and colors, then it is best to choose windows that have those same characteristics as well, or else they will stand out as an odd addition.

5. How Big Is the Window?

The size of the window is important to consider because you will want one that fits nicely into your home’s design but also has the light and ventilation qualities that you require for good living conditions. If there are multiple windows in the house, it may be wise to get them all custom-fitted to ensure that you get the perfect look.

Ensure You Hire the Right Window Installers

There are many factors to consider when you purchase windows for your home. For example, the popularity of decks and patios has only increased and was expected to reach a revenue of $783 million with a 3% growth that year. You will want to make sure that they complement the style of your house and meet all of your living requirements. Luckily, if you hire window installers with the right experience, they can help you choose windows that fit your needs and budget perfectly.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Fiberglass Window Care

windows and doors

New fiberglass windows and doors can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. As about 30% of heating energy in a house is lost via its windows, fiberglass is a great option to reduce this number. With proper care, they can last a long time as well. Caring for your home is simple. You are a few easy steps away from learning how to care for your new windows and doors.

Invest in Protection

If you have new doors installed along with your new windows, invest in door stops to keep the door from being damaged. For your windows, there should have been “stops” installed with them to keep windows from flying up and banging against the sash.

Cleaning Your New Windows, The Do’s

Fiberglass windows are great because you only need to put in very little effort to keep them looking new. You do want to hose down the frames periodically. All you need to return your windows to like-new condition is to hose down the frames and use a soft cloth to wipe away any stuck-on debris.

To clean the glass, use a “made for glass” cleaner and a soft cloth. You can wash the inside and the outside of the windows using a glass cleaner.

Never Do This to Clean Your Fiberglass Windows

To keep your fiberglass windows and doors looking great, never use harsh cleansers. Harsh abrasives and cleansers can leave micro scratches in the fiberglass and cause dirt to become trapped in the scratches.

Never use sharp or pointed objects to scrape the windows or doors, you can cause permanent damage to the window or door. Fiberglass is a highly durable material that is puncture resistant but not puncture-proof, and it is not impervious to being marred and scratched.

Chemical cleaners containing harsh acids also should never be used on your fiberglass windows. These chemical cleaners can be abrasive and leave etches in the glass. They can also cause the glass to cloud permanently.

Mild cleansers are the best option to ensure you get your windows clean without causing any damage.

Ask Your Installer

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your new windows, ask the installer. The installer has the information you need to ensure you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should also receive some literature from the installer on the proper care of your new windows. Follow those directions closely.

Tips For Choosing The Right Interior Shutters

specialty shutters

According to our sources, about one-third (30-33%) of a home’s HVAC usage dissipates through windows every day. Thankfully, specialty shutters can help you keep your home more efficient and more attractive. Here’s what must be understood before buying any of these shutters.

Simple Factors to Consider

When choosing interior shutters for your home, you must take into account several factors. These elements are critical because they dictate what shutters you buy, how you install them, and what level of money you’re likely to spend. Just a few of these common elements of your life and home include:

  • How much money you want to spend
  • Your current lifestyle, including how often you’re home
  • The insulation type in your house
  • The materials and overall design of your shutters

Don’t forget to consider things like your installation style, the size of your windows, any damage around the window, and any other issues to consider when picking interior shutter options for your home.

Materials to Use

Homeowners looking for specialty shutters have many material options from which they can choose. For example, hardwood produces an attractive and sturdy style that will look great and provide maximum protection. You can also consider vinyl for a lower-cost option, engineered wood for a higher level of efficiency, and thermite for a water-resistant and relatively damage-free option. Don’t forget to consider the interior design and elegance of your home when choosing your materials.

Shutter Types to Consider

After picking a shutter material that makes sense for your needs, you need to pick a great style. For example, a cafe style lets in light on the top half of your window to provide a nice bit of light but a rather high level of temperature exchange. By contrast, tier-on-tier or double-hung shutters are doubled at the top so that you can provide a variety of different lighting and cooling needs. You can also consider full height, tracked, solid pane, and other types of shutters to get strong results. Talk to your shutter specialist to learn more about your options here.

If you pay attention to these three simple elements, you should find it easy to get specialty shutters that meet your needs. Make sure that you work with professionals who fully understand your home and who will give you the shutters that can improve your home’s HVAC efficiency.

How a Retractable Patio Awning Will Change Your Yard

retractable patio awning

Have you ever avoided sitting on your patio because it was “too sunny”? While beautiful blue skies make for the best days to sit outside, sometimes being in direct sunlight for that long can just be uncomfortable. That’s why everyone who owns a patio should consider investing in a retractable patio awning.

Retractable Patio Awnings and Sun Control Systems

What is a retractable patio awning? With one of these custom patio features, you can truly control the sunlight. Use the awing to give yourself shade when you want it and let the sun shine down when you don’t. The beauty of a retractable patio awning is that it can be installed anywhere, on any type of patio. An awning looks great with any type of patio door, from modern to old-style patio doors.

A retractable patio awning allows you to customize your patio space at the touch of a button. When you want shade, you can have it in moments. When you want the sunlight to be able to pour door, that’s no problem, either.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your windows and doors, talk to your local installers about a retractable patio awning that can completely change the way you use your outdoor space.

Investing in Your Patio

Upgrading windows and doors on your home can lower heating costs and help you save on your energy bills overall. It’s a good idea to invest in these important areas of the home, as new home windows alone can start saving you money on your utility bills right away. Professional window and door installation also make a huge difference in the way your home looks. Newer windows and doors can make your entire home look newer and give the entire property a fresher look.

Whether you’re thinking about sliding patio doors, custom windows, or something more standard, there are lots of reasons why you should think about making an upgrade and lots of reasons why a retractable patio awning will actually change the way you use your outdoor space and even help you save on energy costs. Investing in your patio is a good idea.

On average, patio doors will last for about 30 years. With maintenance and service, they can last even longer than this. That means you will be with your doors for a long tie. Doesn’t it make sense to put a little money into them? A retractable patio awning also makes a lot of sense.

Throwing Shade

What’s so special about a retractable patio awning? Well, you can use it to regulate light. That’s important because the amount of sunlight that gets into your home actually has an effect on the cost of your utility bills. On a hot summer day when the sunlight is just shining bright outside, what if a ton of hot sunlight is pouring into your home through your patio doors? Naturally, your air conditioner will have to work a little bit harder as that sunlight makes your home just a little bit hotter. That means your bill is a little bit bigger.

Now, imagine that you have a retractable patio awning instead. You can throw shade up when ver you want to block that hot sunlight and start saving money on energy bills. It works the other way, too. When it’s cold out but the sun is shining, you can retract that awning to allow the sunlight to naturally heat your home and possibly save a few pennies on heating things up. Saving pennies definitely adds up. In time, those pennies turn into dollars.

Meanwhile, retractable patio doors allow you to use your patio however you want. Go out there to soak up the sun when you want, go out there and block the sun when you’re trying to relax in a different way. When you have outdoor spaces that you’re actually using, you’re getting a lot more out of your property. Instead of having gatherings inside, have them outside where it will be much easier to clean up and there everyone can benefit from the fresh air.

Get a retractable patio awning and see how it can help change your life.