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Replacement Windows and Doors

Replacement windows and doors have many benefits to you as a homeowner. New windows are more energy efficient, making your home more comfortable. New windows and doors can keep out outside noise and make your home feel more peaceful. They can enhance your home’s beauty and curb appeal. You can dramatically change the look of your home with new windows and doors.

Why Replace your Windows and Doors

Curb Appeal

New and improved windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, adding visual interest and can help increase your home’s overall value.

Home Value

According to the National Association of Realtors, window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale.

Lower Energy Costs

Replacing your windows may be one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make. Insulated windows keep energy costs down.

Choosing Replacement Windows

Homeowners have multiple options from which to choose for their window replacement. We offer different materials that will enhance the look of your home. Choosing the right windows for your needs includes decisions about style, initial costs, maintenance needs, repair costs and efficiency features.

Now is a great time to take advantage to capture some of the best prices for window replacement, designed to improve and update even the oldest homes. In fact, you will be surprised at how new and modern your home will look with window replacements from some of the best known companies.

Replacement Windows are Available in Your Choice of Materials

sunbrella window awning

Wood Windows

For years, wood has been a readily available window material, and the most common choice for homes. It could be painted a solid color or stained and sealed to show off the wood grain. Wood is also strong and easy to work with, is a natural insulator and complements many forms of architecture.

Vinyl Windows

For the best value, vinyl replacement windows can’t be beat. These windows are made primarily of polyvinyl chloride, a tough flexible plastic that lasts for years and requires little maintenance. Vinyl windows provide a high level of insulation to help keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

Fiberglass Windows

Essentially composed of glass fibers and resin, materials that expand and contract very little with temperature changes in the weather. Until recently, the complex profiles required for window designs have been impossible to attain with fiberglass. Innovation has made it possible to design a fiberglass frame and fiberglass windows and patio doors are becoming more popular among homeowners for its beauty and long-lasting durability.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

Light yet strong, aluminum frame windows can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. The narrowness of the frame places the focus on the glass and subsequently, the view it offers. Multi-panel glass walls are often made with aluminum frames to facilitate indoor/outdoor living. Contact us for your free quote.